5 Quick Photo Tips from The Dogist

The Dogist worked with the NexGard® (afoxolaner) team to create the following post for ItsADog.com.

Be honest – even if your Instagram feed isn’t full of photos of your dog, your phone’s camera roll is, right? And many of those pictures are a furry, blurry mess? We can relate.

Dogs move fast – especially when they’re young – and taking photos of them can be tricky. We believe the world deserves to see your adorable furry friend, so here are five tips for taking better photos of him.

  1. Take a bunch of photos. Rather than waiting for peak canine cuteness, take several photos at a time. The more pictures you take, the better your chances of snapping a good one. Plus, you’ll get a good laugh out of the outtakes.
  2. Hold his attention. Whether it’s a treat or a squeaky toy, the dangling of a proverbial carrot will help keep your dog’s eyes on the prize. Hold it just above your lens to keep his gaze toward the camera.
  3. Get the light right. Even your dog’s most precious pose can be ruined by poor lighting. Look for shade where you don’t see a harsh shadow across your dog’s face. Your dog probably likes the shade better anyway! Overcast days are the best when shooting outside and letting the light come through the window onto your dog is best for indoors. Flashes can spook your dog and you can’t take pictures as quickly.
  4. Think about your dog’s perspective. Though Fido looks darling at your feet, consider getting down on his level. Crouch, sit or even lie down on the floor for a more compelling composition. I wear kneepads under my pants when I shoot, so if you want to do it like the pros, invest in a pair.
  5. Keep at it. The more frequently you take your dog’s photo, the more comfortable he’ll be with you pointing ‘that weird clicky thing’ at him, and the more you praise him for posing, the more he’ll want to do so. He won’t be little for long, so fill that camera roll with puppy pics while you can!