Congratulations – It’s a Dog!

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I recently received an invite to a “dog adoption party,” complete with gift registry. Apparently, dog registries are a thing! Now, you all know I’m not a complete dog person. I tend to turn into Judgey McJudgerson when I see puppy purses and all manner of excessive-seeming pet accessories. I grew up with cats. Simple, aloof, self-satisfied cats who did not leave my residence and didn’t require leashes, exercise or entertainment. I never understood canine things.

My husband, however, is totally a dog person.

And he has slowly softened my cat-loving heart.


Nate adopted Kraken the day we closed on our first home. For years, I had promised him that he would have a four-legged pal as soon as we had four walls around our family and at least four fence posts keeping the whole situation contained.

He held me to it.

Kraken was our first dog, and to this day he remains the most loyal animal I’ve ever encountered. He is Nate’s dog, through and through. When Nate’s at work, he sits eagerly at the door waiting for him to come home. He’s on most photo shoot assignments with us, right by Nate’s side, trying his best to help read the light and alert his trusty camera coworker to important scene changes and movements.


This dog is a huge, important part of our lives. He requires all of the embraces and affection and nuances that any loved one would.


So I guess it makes sense for someone to set up a gift registry just like people do for a wedding or even some birthdays nowadays. After all, dogs require food and toys. And our whole community of family and friends gets so excited every time we get a new pet, it’s kind of a genius idea. That’s why I’m working with the NexGard team!



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