How Theo Improves Our Life

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It’s hard to believe that Theo is nearly four years old. Of course, I think the same thing every time I realize my children are the ages they are, but for some reason I expect Theo will always stay a puppy. He is endlessly loving and sweet, gentle and forgiving, all of which are qualities that he came into our home as a rescue with. As an old soul he has always been patient, careful and thoughtful through and through, and spends the majority of his days playing, napping, and waiting to play and nap.

We had a bit of a learning curve to navigate when Theo joined our family as a puppy after a rescue brought him in from the streets, motherless. Emotionally, it was an easy process for all of us to envelop him in love, as it is today – a ritual that each of us partakes in our own way with him.


Logistically, we have spent the past four years understanding how to care for him as a different species and with a short range of various different dog-related circumstances that needed special attention. He has been and continues to be a pure joy to have around, and has become accustomed to the different and many layers and dynamics that our growing family provides.

I’m grateful for this platform, because not only do I learn of new programs that can help our family, but I am also able to share about them. I’m working with the NexGard (afoxolaner) team to share information about their new online pet gift registry,, a service I would have used and appreciated in those first weeks with Theo, but one that I am also excited about as a seasoned pet owner. simplifies the process of finding products that meet your pet’s needs, and new and experienced dog owners can find pet advice and register for essentials. There are a litany of options out there for all of our pet’s needs, and I certainly appreciate the ability to gain some knowledge about how to narrow them down. We’re in a good place with Theo and feel like’s he’s being cared for in the best way, but we always have questions and are open to learning more, all of the time.


We’ve come a long way since Theo joined our family, and our knowledge of how to care for him grows exponentially each year he is with us. There are always new and important information and products being developed, and I appreciate any and all tools I can find for helping with the process of integrating those resources into our lives. Our pets deserve the very best and we are dedicated to making sure they receive it!

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